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Product description: The enterprise has the ability to produce 1 million single cylinder diesel engine blocks, 300000 multi cylinder diesel engine blocks and 2000 sets of ventilators annually

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single cylinder diesel engine body | multi-cylinder engine block | diesel engine

Product Description

GY1-18-GY10-18 induced draft fan is a special induced draft fan supporting 1t / h-10t / h industrial boiler. This series of fans has been reconsidered when using the current dust collector, economizer, etc. The required flow rate, pressure, flue gas temperature and many other factors are more compatible with the boiler during operation.
The characteristics of this series of fans are: high efficiency, flat performance curve, wide operating area with high efficiency, and exhaust temperature of 150 ℃.
The fan's transmission mode GY1-18 is C type, GY2-18-GY10-18 are D type.

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