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Product description: The enterprise has the ability to produce 1 million single cylinder diesel engine blocks, 300000 multi cylinder diesel engine blocks and 2000 sets of ventilators annually

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single cylinder diesel engine body | multi-cylinder engine block | diesel engine

Product Description

GG, GY series boiler centrifugal ventilator and induced draft fan are special ventilator and induced draft fan designed for 1-75t / h industrial boiler. Its performance fully meets the matching requirements of boilers of various specifications and meets the requirements of national regulations on environmental protection and pollution control. .
GY series induced draft fans include: GY2-13No8.8D, GY4-13No9D, GY6-13No9.8D, GY8-13No10D, GY10-13No10D, GY15-13No12D, GY20-13No12.4D, GY20-13No12.5D, GY40-13No14D, GY75-13No20D.
GG series includes: GG2-13No4A, GG4-13No4.5A, GG6-13No5A, GG10-13No8D, GG15-13No9D, GG20-13No10D, GG20-14No10D, GG40-13No11D, GG75-13No16D.
The products are designed and manufactured according to JB / T4357-1999 "Centrifugal Induced Draft Fans for Industrial Steam Boilers" and GB / T13275-1991 "Technical Conditions for Centrifugal Fans for General Purposes", and the product classification is based on JB / T53275-1999 "Centrifugal Inducers for Industrial Steam Boilers" "Fan Quality Classification" and JB / T53063-1999 "General Purpose Centrifugal Fan Product Quality Classification" are implemented.
This series of fans has high operating efficiency, low noise, flat performance curve, and wide efficient operating area. The fan is designed as a single suction structure, using D-type and A-type transmission, compact structure, convenient transportation, installation and use.

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