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Product description: The enterprise has the ability to produce 1 million single cylinder diesel engine blocks, 300000 multi cylinder diesel engine blocks and 2000 sets of ventilators annually

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Product Description

GG2-10-1, GY2-10-1 is a dedicated draft fan for 2t / h, 4t / h, 6t / h industrial boilers. There are many models of industrial boilers at present, and the quality of the coal used is very different. The precipitator and economizer have different resistances, and the required air volume and air pressure of the draft fan and draft fan have certain differences. The design of the draft fan considered the above situation. Compared with the original fan of the boiler. Its remarkable features are that its air volume and air pressure match the requirements of the boiler, high efficiency, flat performance curve and wide high-efficiency area. Due to the high wind pressure, it is beneficial to the smoke and dust removal of the boiler and improves environmental protection. A specially designed two-speed motor is used, whose power matches the power requirements of the fan at different speeds. The user can choose different speeds according to the size of the operating load, and the power saving and energy saving effect is very significant (or Y series single-speed motor) It is an ideal supporting fan for energy saving and energy saving.
For the induced draft fan, a dust removal device must be added before the induced draft fan to ensure that the dust content in the flue gas entering the fan is low, and the dust removal efficiency should not be less than 85%.
The transmission mode of the draft fan is A type and D type.

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