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Product description: The enterprise has the ability to produce 1 million single cylinder diesel engine blocks, 300000 multi cylinder diesel engine blocks and 2000 sets of ventilators annually

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Product Description

8-09 type high-pressure centrifugal fan for iron furnace is suitable for the blast furnace performance requirements of 1L / h, 2L / h, 3L / h, 5L / h and 7L / h melting rate. The fan can also be used as a blast for various melting furnaces and forging furnaces, and is also suitable for conveying air and gases that are non-corrosive, non-self-igniting, and do not contain viscous substances. The temperature of the conveying medium should not exceed 80 ℃, and the dust and hard fine particles contained in the medium should not exceed 150mg / m³.
The 8-09 type fan is single suction, and there are 5 types of No.6.8A, 7.1A, 7.7A, 8D, 8.5D and 9D.

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